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Halo Portfolio Advisors

About Halo Portfolio Advisors, LLC

Halo Portfolio Advisors, LLC leverages the complete Halo business-to-consumer suite of services and asset management technology to provide turnkey solutions to lenders with distressed assets.

In today’s economy, lenders are experiencing an overflow of distressed assets. Many debt servicers are currently overwhelmed with imposed programs that require more resources–such as people, money, and time–than are necessary to be effective.

The driving force behind a typical distressed asset is often not a single factor, but rather several contributing factors. When a loan is under-performing, it may be due to other outside influences of financial stress, such as a high unsecured debt load held by the consumer. Halo Portfolio Advisors’ operational support services allow endless opportunities for relationships with major debt servicers.

Halo Portfolio Advisors’ servicing capacity allows for the management of a diverse portfolio of loans. Halo’s technology systems are bundled with transparency, accountability, efficiency, speed, and flexibility. This unique strategy inserts borrowers into an intelligent, results-driven process that establishes affordable, long-term mortgages while also achieving an improved return for lenders and investors, when compared to foreclosure.

Halo’s approach can help stabilize the U.S. financial markets by minimizing foreclosures on the 7 million loans that are currently past due. Halo’s technology can provide deeper insight into the complete financial picture of a borrower – an insight that is unprecedented in the industry today.

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