Distressed Asset Services

Distressed Asset Services

Portfolio Advisory Services

Through a myriad of creative analytic and retention strategies, Halo assists investors, asset managers and servicers in achieving improved acquisition and exit strategies. more

Asset Management

Halo developed an end-to-end asset management platform that specializes in the monetization of distressed residential real estate assets and finding a win-win solution for both the asset owner and consumer. Through proprietary technology, sophisticated portfolio analytics and highly-skilled personnel, Halo oversees all aspects of acquiring and managing distressed REO and non-performing loans. more

Vendor Management

Halo’s comprehensive vendor management capabilities allow for the aggregation of service provider data and communication into a single, streamlined access point of information. As the asset manager, Halo contracts with national and local, tier 1 service providers to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and maintain necessary regulatory compliance and licensing. more