Portfolio Advisory Services

Portfolio Advisory Services

Portfolio Analytics

In today’s economy, lenders, investors and banks are experiencing an overflow of distressed assets. Many debt servicers are currently overwhelmed with imposed programs that require more resources – such as people, money, and time – than are necessary to be effective. Through a myriad of creative analytic and retention strategies, Halo assists investors, asset managers and servicers in achieving improved purchasing and exit strategy insight.

Results Driven

Halo provides unique, customizable solutions to increase distressed asset portfolio performance. With a strong focus on restoring stability and predictability to loan portfolios, Halo can provide the following services:

  • Portfolio strategy consulting
  • Default management
  • Asset/liability management
  • Debt servicing
  • Debt restructuring
  • Campaign management direction
  • Portfolio acquisition
  • Liquidation support
  • Due diligence

Technology Focused

Halo’s technology systems are designed to deliver an intelligent, results-driven process that cuts through the complexity and confusion to:

  • Identify loans with the highest risk of delinquency and default
  • Determine the ideal exit strategy for each loan
  • Identify all risk mitigation strategies
  • Forecast individual loan performance